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Ships ToCanada, United Kingdom, United States

USPS First-Class (Package)

Ships ToUnited States
NoteUSPS First Class Mail (3-9 Days) All items ship within 1 business day of receiving payment. (Monday-Friday) Most often, bubble mailers are used when I ship First Class Mail. Orders weighing over 16 oz. do not qualify for First-Class shipping per US Postal Service regulations.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz4ozUS $3.16
4oz9ozUS $3.85
9oz11ozUS $4.16
11oz13ozUS $4.60
13oz15ozUS $4.88
15oz1lbs 0ozUS $5.44

Canada USPS First-Class Mail International (Package)

Ships ToCanada
Maximum Order SubtotalUS $400.00
NoteShipments to Canada
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz0.99ozUS $9.75
0.99oz1.97ozUS $9.75
1.97oz2.99ozUS $9.75
2.99oz3.98ozUS $9.75
3.98oz4.96ozUS $9.75
4.96oz5.98ozUS $9.75
5.98oz6.97ozUS $9.75
6.97oz7.96ozUS $9.75
7.96oz11.97ozUS $15.75
11.97oz15.95ozUS $15.75
15.95oz1lbs 3.92ozUS $15.75
1lbs 3.92oz1lbs 7.94ozUS $15.75
1lbs 7.94oz1lbs 11.91ozUS $15.75
1lbs 11.91oz1lbs 15.93ozUS $15.75
1lbs 15.93oz2lbs 3.9ozUS $24.75
2lbs 3.9oz2lbs 7.88ozUS $24.75
2lbs 7.88oz2lbs 11.89ozUS $24.75
2lbs 11.89oz2lbs 15.87ozUS $24.75
2lbs 15.87oz3lbs 3.88ozUS $36.75
3lbs 3.88oz3lbs 7.86ozUS $36.75
3lbs 7.86oz3lbs 11.84ozUS $36.75
3lbs 11.84oz3lbs 15.85ozUS $36.75

USPS Priority Mail - United States

Ships ToUnited States
NotePriority Mail will take 1-3 days depending on where you live. I am in Mississippi and I would generally say that West coast customers should expect 3 day delivery with this option. East coast averages 2 days, with the extreme North East falling in the 2-3 day range.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz1lbs 0ozUS $7.50
1lbs 0oz2lbs 0ozUS $11.25
2lbs 0oz2lbs 13ozUS $13.99
2lbs 13oz3lbs 14ozUS $16.99
3lbs 14oz4lbs 15ozUS $18.99
4lbs 15oz6lbs 0ozUS $21.99

International USPS First Class

Ships ToAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
NoteNo Insurance Available. Not responsible for Lost/Damaged packages. Not responsible for taxes or duties.
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz2ozUS $13.75
2oz4ozUS $13.75
4oz8ozUS $13.75
8oz12ozUS $22.75
12oz1lbs 0ozUS $22.75
1lbs 0oz1lbs 4ozUS $22.75
1lbs 4oz1lbs 8ozUS $22.75
1lbs 8oz1lbs 12ozUS $22.75
1lbs 12oz2lbs 0ozUS $22.75
2lbs 0oz2lbs 4ozUS $33.75
2lbs 4oz2lbs 8ozUS $33.75
2lbs 8oz2lbs 15ozUS $33.75
2lbs 15oz3lbs 0ozUS $33.75
3lbs 0oz3lbs 3ozUS $50.75
3lbs 3oz3lbs 7ozUS $50.75
3lbs 7oz3lbs 11ozUS $50.75
3lbs 11oz4lbs 0ozUS $50.75

Last Updated: 26 Jul 2013